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by Hangar 7 Aviation

Legendary golfer Arnold Palmer owned the first Citation X, the largest and fastest of the Citation family of jets. Charter flyers have long appreciated the high-speed comfort of this sophisticated midsize, and for good reason. 

Twin Rolls Royce engines give the Citation X jet an impressive maximum cruise speed of 606 MPH (and a top speed of 706 MPH), enough to earn it the title of ‘the world’s fastest civilian aircraft.’ Meanwhile, the plush interior provides exceptional amenities, a full galley, and legroom galore.

Statement Silhouette

The tremendous vertical fin, sweeping wing-to-fuselage fairing, and extreme swept wing give the Cessna Citation X a uniquely gorgeous profile among private jets. The airframe’s wing is not unlike that of a glider, with a long span and narrow chord. Interestingly, this aggressively styled design came from a clean slate, too, as the Cessna Citation X was not derived from an existing model.

But don’t let the elegant, striking silhouette make you think it’s just for looks. This design is responsible for the Cessna Citation X specs, aerodynamics, and speed (including a limit speed of Mach .92) that are unparalleled among private charter aircraft. As Flying Magazine put it, “The X looks like it does because that's what it took to reach the goal of being the fastest civilian airplane now in service.” Many other famously fast jets, including the powerful Boeing 737, cruise at lower speeds (under Mach .80) than the revolutionary Citation X, which is still the fastest non-Concorde civil airplane ever made.

A Coast-to-Coast Midsize

The Cessna Citation X range (at over 3,000 miles) delivers incredible value to coast-hopping travelers and executives alike. It’s a sleek midsize that can rocket from Atlantic to Pacific at high subsonic speeds with no compromises on in-flight comfort. It also benefits from better runway performance than many other jets in its class.  On a Citation X jet, travelers can travel from Los Angeles to New York in less than six hours, or from Pittsburgh to San Diego in four hours flat. The best part of this rapid coast-to-coast range is that the Citation X jet pulls it off for a price that competes with more conventional midsize offerings that are 70 knots slower.  

Sleek, Sophisticated Interior

The LED lighting of the modern Cessna Citation X interior offers a range of brightness options to set the perfect mood. Double-layered shades can be configured to allow only partial light into the 23-foot-long cabin—or none at all, if preferred. Seating is typically arrayed in a double-club-plus-one configuration with excellent headroom, on account of the convenient wing design.  Since the wing of a Citation X jet passes beneath the cabin (and not through it), the floor can be positioned lower for stand-up cabin height. A heated and pressurized baggage storage compartment ensures that belongings are protected in flight.

Citation X Jet Cost & Utilization Trends*




In Operation



Number of Flights


For Sale



Average Distance

856 (nm)




Total Distance

31,364,311 (nm)

Asking Price

$2.4M - $4.6M


Average Flight Time

2.1 (hrs)

Manufacturer Year

1998 to 2011


Total Flight Time

76,495.4 (hrs)










Block Speed Statute Miles/Hour





Total Cost Per Statute Mile



Cost/Statute Mile


*Data as of February 2021. Based on the flight activity of in-operation aircraft.

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