Chartering a Private Jet to Miami? Be Prepared With These Travel Tips!

by Hangar 7 Aviation

The world-renowned nightlife and picturesque beaches are only a few of the many reasons you might be chartering a private jet to Miami. Before you set off on your trip to South Florida, here are a few helpful travel tips to help you get the most out of your charter flight experience.  

Private Jet Airports in Miami

Miami has several nearby public and private airports to choose from when you book a private jet to Miami. Miami International Airport (MIA) is the largest and busiest of the bunch. There are also four private airports in Miami that will service your private charter flight without the hassle of boarding passes, luggage check-ins, or long security lines on the commercial airline side of things.

  • Miami Executive Airport (TMB): Only 13 miles west of downtown Miami, this full-featured executive airport provides refueling, hangars (for local aircraft storage), tie-down parking, and an on-call control tower that’s accessible 24/7. 
  • Miami-OPA Locka Executive Airport (OPF): This is the oldest airport in Miami (founded 1927!). Miami-Dade County assumed control of it in 1962. Many frequent flyers on private jets to Miami enjoy the close access to all of the area’s major highways from just 12 miles north of Miami.
  • Miami Homestead General Aviation Airport (X51): Of all the private jet airports in Miami, Homestead General is the most frequent choice for folks on their way to the Florida Keys.  It’s also close to the Homestead/Miami Speedway if your destination is a race! 

Best Things to Do in Miami

After your private jet to Miami lands, you’ll want more than just local lodging. Here are a few of the best things to do in Miami before you head home:

  • Ride an Airboat on an Everglades Swamp Tour: These flat-bottomed boats with giant roaring fans are an iconic Everglades experience that no dedicated tourist should miss. Rides depart throughout the day for plenty of photo ops with the wildlife of the rich swamp habitat.
  • See the Coral Castle Museum: If you’re looking for unique things to do in Miami, nothing’s more unique than a castle made from 1,100 tons of coral rock, all hand-sculpted by Edward Leedskalnin from 1923-1951.
  • Take the Kids to FunDimension: Need fun things to do in Miami with kids? Just south of the artsiest area of Wynwood is where you’ll find this state-of-the-art family entertainment center. The kids can enjoy arcade games, drive bumper cars, play laser tag, and experience 7D theatre.

Fun Places to Eat in Miami

Miami’s glamorous day-and-night urban landscape is dotted with fantastic fine dining venues and popular dive bars in equal measure. Here are some great Miami-area restaurants to try out while you’re in town: 

  • Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant: An iconic park of Miami's culinary landscape since 1913, no visit is complete without this stop for Joe's famous stone crabs. You will dine on the best seafood, fish, and meats from their in house butcher and end with a delectable piece of key lime pie. Whether it be a romantic dinner or an online takeout order, you will see why four generations later it is still Miami’s Most Popular Eatery.
  • La Fragua: This Cuban restaurant in Miami, Larios is a favorite of area residents and one of the best local restaurants in Miami for South Florida-style Cuban cuisine.
  • Barton G.: This truly original Miami Beach standout serves liquid nitrogen-themed cocktails and elaborate prop-aided dishes. Try the lobster pop tarts—or the funnel cake (it comes with a playable duck shoot carnival game).

The Best Time to Travel to Miami

The tropical weather of South Florida rarely drops below 75 degrees, and the winters are mild. This could make winter the best time to travel to Miami, as a popular escape from cold weather in other areas of the country. The high season is November through December—with snowbirds heading south which can make winter a more expensive and busier time to visit.

The wet summer months (May through September) feature lighter crowds, hot weather, and the annual hurricane season. For this reason, August is generally the cheapest time to book a private jet to Miami. It’s the Spring, however, that is most likely the very best time to travel to Miami. The weather’s balmy, the hurricanes haven’t begun, and the humidity is still low. Be aware that spring break can be a busy time with college students vacationing but after they leave the crowds start to shrink.

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