What You Get With a Private Charter Company At Your Disposal

by Hangar 7 Aviation

When you work with a private charter company, you’re not just booking a flight. You’re accessing a custom travel experience that’s curated to your preferences: time of day, aircraft, in-flight menu, amenities, takeoff and landing locations, attentive service, a smooth security and boarding experience, and more. It makes a difference to have a dedicated team at your disposal throughout the travel process.

Here are a few of the benefits that set a private charter company apart from a commerical flight:

The Aircraft of Your Choice

A private jet charter  is fully tailored to your needs, including the size and configuration of your aircraft. With a private charter company arranging your flight, you’ll have the opportunity to select state-of-the-art turboprops, jets, or helicopters at the size and price that suits your needs. If you have a preferred make or model in mind, your broker can help with that, too.  You’ll be able to choose styles and options ranging from:

  • Helicopters: Ideal short-distance business craft for as many as 7 passengers and within about an hour’s range.
  • Turboprops: A comfortable and quiet turboprop accommodates up to 8 passengers. Travelers prefer these for trips with a couple hours of range at an attractive price point.
  • Light Jets: While close in size to a turboprop, a light jet enjoys longer range (average 3.5 hours). Many business travelers use light jets for quick transport, but they’re also popular for personal travel.
  • Midsize Jets: A cross-country or coast-to-coast flight is most convenient with an aircraft that can make the trip non-stop. Midsize jets hold larger groups of around 10 and have an average range of 5 hours, making longer flights simple and fast.
  • Heavy Jets: A group of 16 will enjoy the comfortable international flight experience and generous luggage space of a heavy jet.
  • Executive Airliners: Luxurious private airliners are capable of accommodating 50 (or more) passengers with non-stop domestic or international travel with an average range of 8 hours. Keep the group together and focus on what matters most.

Access To Diverse Destinations

A private charter company can fly you virtually anywhere in the world. Whereas commercial airlines tend to use larger aircraft that have more limited runway options and only utilize commercial facilities, you’ll have access to your choice of commercial airports, exclusive executive airports, smaller private landing strips, and more. You’ll save time and land closer to your destination with your choice of smaller airports as well as the lower volume of traffic at these private locations, with no TSA lines.

A Curated, Flexible Travel Plan

Create an itinerary that’s uniquely yours. In comparison to commercial flights, a private jet charters offer faster check-ins, an efficient security process, and no hectic crowds. Moreover, you’ll have complete freedom to design the trip you want, based on your calendar and location preferences. 

Access a private airport near your home, travel with a pet, listen to your favorite in-flight music, eat a specially requested in-flight meal, and make changes as necessary. If a last minute adjustment is required, the flexibility flying private is much more accommodating than your traditional commercial flight.

White Glove Service

Flying a private jet charter means flying on your terms. Private charter companies take pride in offering top-notch, personalized service from the first phone call until you’ve returned home. You will have a personal customer service agent assigned to work alongside you in planning and arranging every aspect of the trip. If you have any questions, concerns, requests, or even need to change your plans altogether, an entire team of service professionals is ready to jump into action. Simply contact your personal agent and they’ll get everything taken care of.

Chartering a private jet with Hangar 7 Aviation means flying your way; we’ll help you get there.


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