Flying Charter Makes Multi-City Trips Easier

by Hangar 7 Aviation

Multi-city trips are a type of private jet travel where you visit more than one city during the same voyage — rather than just to a single destination and back. Unlike a standard charter flight, a multi-city flight empowers travelers who are flying charter to explore the world more easily and help reduce unnecessary costs. How? Let’s take a look.

Save Money With an “Open Jaw” Itinerary

“Open-jaw” charter flights are an excellent option to save on costs. You have the option to visit more destinations before heading home. However, not all multi-city flights are open jaw. This refers to a specific itinerary style where you fly to a destination, travel on your own from there to another destination, and then fly home from this second destination. It’s called an “open jaw”  because of the open mouth shape the two flight paths make on the map, with a gap showing where you’ve traveled on your own.

The key word in the phrase is “open.” If, for example, you fly from Boston to London, you might make your way from London to Paris on your own (through the Tube), and then fly home from Paris. It’s open because there’s no connecting flight from London to Paris.

An open-jaw multi-city flight itinerary makes a lot of sense if you want to travel to more than one destination in an area with a lot of public transportation (ex. Europe) since it can save money on connecting flights and also eliminate the need to return to your starting point.

How Does Flying Charter Make Multi-City Flights Easier?

Multi-city charter flights streamline the booking process and arrangements for jet setters who would rather focus their energy on the trip itself. You’re saving time by booking everything at once rather than booking multiple one-way tickets between locations. This can often be a more economical way to fly and tends to save on costs versus a series of one-way tickets.

Charter services also have greater flexibility than commercial airlines, with the ability to fly in and out of many more destinations, including private and executive airports or smaller airfields. This opens up your options when selecting your additional destinations, from the starting point to the end point of your trip.

Finally, with all of your flights handled by the same charter service provider, all of the information stays in one place and it’s easier to make accommodations, should your plans (or mother nature) change along the way. Flying charter provides exceptional flexibility to adjust plans and create the trip you want — not just the one that was commercially available.

Hangar 7 Will Get You There

If you’re interested in multi-city trip planning, don’t hesitate to contact Hangar 7 Aviation. Our expert agents can help you plan the perfect trip on your preferred aircraft, in and out of your desired destinations.

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