The International Traveler's Charter Jet Checklist

by Hangar 7 Aviation

An international charter trip should never become a source of stress. Ensure that everything will go smoothly with this simple charter jet checklist in advance of your flight. We’ll break down the key factors that can help you guarantee a hassle-free trip, including an optimized arrival location, itinerary, currency, and other arrangements.

Arriving at Your Destination

     check box For recreational trips, consider seasonal weather patterns before booking
     check box Make sure to check the weather several days before the flight
     check box Select an airport that is near your destination but may also be less crowded (executive airports or                   other smaller locations that may not service commercial flights)
     check box Consider an “open jaw” flight if you’re planning a multi-city trip

Business or personal plans may dictate where your next charter will take you, but there are still several choices to make when it comes to arriving at your destination. If you’re planning a getaway, it’s worth considering how seasonal weather could come into play before you finalize your plans. Escapes to warmer weather or the ski slopes can be great in winter, but be careful when planning around hurricane season or busy weeks for ski tourism. Big-name sports and other events are also popular charter destinations so you can avoid the large crowds of inbound commercial flights.

Flying private also offers the ability to choose airports that traditional commercial flights may not service. Rather than dealing with the hassle and traffic of large and crowded airports, smaller charter jets can access executive airports and other spots that may even be more convenient or closer to your final destination. Before locking in your itinerary, ensure you've checked for alternatives like these.

Should you plan to visit multiple cities, consider the cost-saving arrangements of an “open jaw” itinerary. You might arrive at one city, travel from there to a second destination (on your own) within the region, and then finally fly home from that location, rather than returning to the original arrival point. This can make a lot of sense in international regions with a lot of public transportation, like much of Europe, since it can save money on connecting flights.

Choosing the Right Aircraft and Amenities

       check box Ensure your charter agency provides both reliability and flexibility
       check box Settle on a list of must-have amenities for your flight, then list others that would be beneficial but                    not deal-breakers
       check box Vet appropriately sized aircraft for fuel efficiency — a major cost consideration

Whether you own your own private aircraft or hire one as needed, you'll need to take care in choosing a charter agency to work with for storage, maintenance, and other services, in addition to rentals. The right aviation partner will offer a combination of a reliable itinerary and the flexibility to adjust smoothly, should there be unexpected changes in plans.

A suitable aircraft is also a key part of the equation. Your jet must comfortably accommodate your group and provide sufficient range to get where you’re going, but fuel efficiency is always desirable as well. A variety of features and amenities may be available, from specific entertainment centers to a full galley, sleeping accommodations, a personalized in-flight menu, and more. Some of these will depend upon the choice of airframe. Inquire with your charter company for more detailed information and specs on the wide variety of charter aircraft you can choose from, for trips both short and long. 

Our experienced staff at Hangar 7 are ready to help you find the ideal option, including any onboard amenities you'd like to enjoy on your flight. As important as selecting the right plane is finding a reliable, highly-trained crew to operate it. This is straightforward with a trusted charter company, which provides not only certified pilots but skilled and friendly cabin attendants for a comfortable and convenient flight.

Planning For International Essentials

     check box Pack your passport
     check box Gather and pack any required visa paperwork
     check box Research any required vaccinations or health precautions for your destination
     check box Notify your bank of your travel dates and destination to avoid any issues with using your credit/debit             cards abroad
     check box Check your mobile phone plan for international coverage or consider getting a local SIM card.
     check box Look up the seasonal climate of your destination to plan attire and pack appropriately
     check box Research the local customs, traditions, and etiquette of the destination

International travel means you'll need your passport as well as any physical visa paperwork your destination may require. Hangar 7's skilled crew can help simplify the arrival process with their extensive knowledge of international regulations and customs. In addition, packing appropriately is also critical. Ensure you have a sufficient supply of any necessary medication, cash or credit cards that will work in your destination, and appropriate clothing for the varied weather you may encounter. However, with plenty of space for your luggage and personal items, there's room to bring some extra options too.

Enjoy a Relaxing International Flight With Hangar 7 Aviation

Never forget the biggest benefit of flying private — avoiding the hassle and stress of commercial travel. Once you've taken care of the other items on your checklist, there's only one left, which is to put up your feet and enjoy a relaxing flight. However, it never hurts to review your "jetiquette" before you depart.

Let Hangar 7 Aviation whisk you to your international destination. We’re here to make sure you arrive rested, refreshed, and ready for work or play. Book now and plan your trip with the confidence of a charter company that is ready for anything.

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