4 Myths (And the Truth) About Traveling by Private Jet Charter

by Hangar 7 Aviation

Traveling by private jet charter has exploded in popularity among passengers who value flying safely in the age of the coronavirus. However, this has left many new charter enthusiasts confronted by common myths and misconceptions about chartered flights. 

Here we’ll examine four common myths about traveling by private jet charter and offer some much-needed clarity.

MYTH: “Only millionaires travel by private jet charter.”

The Truth: While many of society’s elite and affluent people do prefer to travel by private jet charter, they aren’t alone. It’s completely untrue that you must be a millionaire to charter a private flight. 

A private charter can be surprisingly affordable in the right circumstances. So, how much does a private jet cost per flight, in reality? If you’re able to split the expense between a group and fill every seat, it’s possible to charter lighter jets for short round trips (say, from NY to DC) at prices comparable to or not much more than flying first class. 

Even longer domestic flights on midsize private jets are comfortably in the range of four figures per seat—a realistic expense for those who usually prefer to travel first-class. In exchange, you’ll enjoy the numerous benefits of chartering a private flight.

MYTH: “Private jets are slower than larger commercial flights.”

The Truth: Discerning flyers should really be asking, “are private jets faster than commercial flights?” The fastest passenger aircraft in the sky are private jets, depending on the model you charter for your flight.

Plus, your door-to-door travel time will be significantly improved by a number of factors unique to private flights:

  • You’ll avoid the long commercial security lines.
  • Boarding happens quickly and on your schedule.
  • Some private aircraft fly above commercial airlines (avoiding turbulence and weather below).
  • You’ll often land closer to your destination (there are 5,000+ private airports in the US to choose from, compared to 500 commercial airports).

MYTH: “You bypass all security when traveling by private jet.”

The Truth: A private charter does make security significantly faster since you will not be required to go through the standard TSA lines in the commercial airport. No taking off your shoes, metal detectors, body scanners, or conveyor belts. However, you don’t simply walk up to the jet and board. 

Your private flight will usually operate out of a fixed-base operator near the main airport, but with a private entrance. The charter company will run your name through the TSA database in advance (to accelerate your boarding process), and you will have to show ID.  International flyers will still need to undergo passport control and abide by local customs regulations. All in all, though, chartered flight security should only take a couple of minutes.

MYTH: “You need a private jet charter membership or annual subscription to book a flight.”

The Truth: Many private jet charter companies offer “jet cards” or memberships of various kinds available for those who are interested, but the reality is that you do not need a subscription to charter a flight. 

Flying with a private charter is actually more transparent and straightforward when compared to the hidden costs and fees associated with many commercial airlines. Most airlines adjust or tack on costs for heavy or additional bags, charge for ticket exchange services, assess fees for seat preferences, and bill you for other accommodations. None of these extra costs are present when traveling by private jet charter with Hangar 7 Aviation

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