The Bombardier Global Express & XRS Set the Bar For Ultra-Long Range

by Hangar 7 Aviation

The ultra-long-range Global Express has long been a flagship of Bombardier’s large-cabin lineup. Bombardier had a team of 200 engineers study longer range business aircraft with the aim of carrying eight to fourteen passengers and four crew more than 6,500 nautical miles at speeds just below the sound barrier. Before the Global Express had its official launch, the range was further extended to beat out the rival Gulfstream heavy jets. The Bombardier Global Express is one of the fastest and longest ranged jets available in its size class even today, with an average cruising speed between Mach 0.85 and 0.89 and average trip length of 2.5 hours.

The XRS update refined performance and range to incredible levels in 2003—the best of any heavy jet by Bombardier to that date. Charter an Express XRS to travel from Tokyo to New York flights in only 12 hours, or fly between any two points on earth with just a single refueling stop.

Ultra-Long Range

The engineers from Bombardier (and recently acquired Canadair) worked together with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and BMW Rolls-Royce to set the bar for ultra-long range heavy jets. The result was a beast of an airframe. The Bombardier Global Express boasts nearly 15,000 lbs of thrust at takeoff from twin Rolls-Royce turbofans, a range of 6,700 nautical miles, and 14 hours of endurance.

While the fuselage cross-section was inspired by the earlier Canadair CL-600 and Bombardier CRJ, it’s been improved with a new T-tail and advanced supercritical airfoil wing (with winglets). The lightweight alloys and composites of the semi-monocoque airframe provide aerodynamic efficiency, strength, and well-insulated comfort on ultra-long range flights. 

Class-Defining Cabin Space

The Bombardier Global Express launched with the largest cabin among all business jets of its time. Generally outfitted with a three zone configuration, the Bombardier Global Express interior can be laid out for anywhere from 8 to 19 passengers (13 is typical). The cabin layout includes generous space for specialized rooms such as an office, conference room, or stateroom, and a large forward galley. It’s a spacious and customizable office in the sky with 48 feet of total unobstructed cabin length.

With the Global Express XRS you gain an improved cabin pressurization system in addition to a pair of extra cabin windows (one fore, one aft) and more ambient lighting from an integrated LED array.

A Fine-Tuned Update

The Bombardier Global Express XRS entered service in 2005 as a refinement of the popular super-sized private jet. This model fills the top end of Bombardier’s legendary Global product line of intercontinental aircraft, and it has improved range at 6,305 nautical miles. This is due in part to the added forward fuel tank and enhancements in the wing design. Also important is the “zero flap” take-off ability of the XRS, which enables travelers to access even more hot-and-high airports, expanding your list of potential destinations.

Between the full galley, two lavatories, and aft lounge or bedroom options, the Global Express XRS offers a comfortable and luxurious experience for long distance travel.

The Bombardier Global Express & Express XRS Cost & Utilization Trends*




In Operation



Number of Flights


For Sale



Average Distance

1,088 (nm)




Total Distance

22,649,497 (nm)

Asking Price

$10.9M - $12.9M


Average Flight Time

2.7 (hrs)

Manufacturer Year

1996 to 2012


Total Flight Time

55,955.3 (hrs)










Block Speed Statute Miles/Hour




$8,454 ($8,366 XRS)

Total Cost Per Statute Mile

$8.49 ($8.37 XRS)


Cost/Statute Mile

$16.82 ($16.65 XRS)

*Data as of December 2021. Based on the flight activity of in-operation aircraft.

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