Top 3 Trends in Private Aviation

by Hangar 7 Aviation

The market is seeing a major transformation in private aviation. As the nation moves past the pandemic era, many things have shifted for private charter travel from both an economic standpoint and in terms of actual aircraft and amenities. Here are the top 3 private aviation trends as we soar into the future.

A Huge Boom in Private Jet Travel

No longer just a luxury, private jet travel has become an essential part of the lifestyle of many professionals and families. At the outset of COVID-19, the industry witnessed an unprecedented 70% drop in business. But now, the sales levels at FBOs have not only recovered but actually surpassed pre-pandemic highs by almost 20%

Out of the 500 operators surveyed in a recent study, about 80% expect that the boosts they’ve seen in charter operations over the last year and half will continue. Much of this boom has been spurred by a large uptick in leisure flyers who are choosing private jet travel over alternatives like commercial airliners.

Gas Hikes Put Focus on Fuel Efficiency & Minimizing Costs

Shifts in the price of fuel and insurance have compounded with other issues like a shortage of pilots and increased competition in the market to create cost concerns in private aviation. 

Being more fuel-efficient is a major focus right now, and that can often come down to charter aircraft selection. We predicted back in 2021 that fuel efficiency and carbon emissions would soon take center stage. That’s come to pass, but it’s not only due to the increased public focus on carbon footprints, as we’d said at the time. The war in Europe and rising gas prices have accelerated this trend and increased urgency to do something about it. It’s more important than ever for charter companies to be expanding fleets with highly fuel-efficient light jets, turboprops, and upgrades of older airframes that will burn less fuel and minimize costs.

More Private Charter Travel For Families, Kids, and Pets

Business aviation was more heavily impacted by the last couple of years than leisure travel, as focus shifted to virtual meetings and remote work. This trend has not impacted the desire of families with children or pets to travel the world or enjoy family vacations. Because of the growth in leisure flights, private charter companies began accommodating those traveling with children and/or pets with more space within their aircraft choices. 

A jet can be furnished with extra sleeping space for kids to nap or with booster seats and wider sitting spaces to accommodate children or pets. There’s also a trend towards increased on-board entertainment systems and entertainment options that appeal to the whole family. Many private charter travelers have found that they enjoy the advantages of private charter travel welcoming the lack of airport security lines, fewer passengers in the cabin, and the convenience of a travel schedule that’s both reliable and flexible (when so many commercial flights are being rerouted, delayed, or canceled altogether).

Charter a Flight With Hangar 7

The team at Hangar 7 Aviation has been watching these private aviation trends, and we’re prepared for the future of charter travel. Contact our experienced agents today to get started arranging your next work-related or leisure flight, whether it’s for yourself or the whole family (and a furry pal). You can always count on Hangar 7 to provide you with safety, security, privacy, and convenience in your personalized private charter arrangements.

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