5 Super Midsize Aircraft for Flying Charter on Your Next Business Trip

by Hangar 7 Aviation

There are plenty of popular and economical light aircraft for flying charter on a business trip. However, for the discerning business traveler who wants a little more room to stretch — or when the plan is to bring along the whole team — these five midsize and super midsize private jets hit the sweet spot between cost-efficiency and spacious comfort.


This French super-midsize aircraft was the first private jet with an intercontinental range. It strikes a careful balance between range, speed, and runway performance while competing favorably against other long-range business jets on takeoff distance. It was also the first civil aircraft in the world to feature supercritical wings — a formidable breakthrough that Dassault would carry into the Falcon 900 and Falcon 2000 models.

The Falcon 50EX is an updated model that flies faster, burns less fuel, and features a modernized avionics suite. Higher altitudes helped the 50EX to extend trips with an extra 300 nautical miles of range and a 30-knot boost in cruise speed.

2. HAWKER 800 & HAWKER 800XP

The durable and trustworthy Hawker 800 series jets enjoyed a long run of production stretching all the way from 1983 to 2013. Still popular for flying charter today, the original Hawker 800 jet boasts a comfortable range and actually burns less fuel than its acclaimed successor, the Hawker 800XP, due to smaller engines that make it incredibly cost-efficient to fly. 

The third generation of the 800 series, the 800XP is the best of the bunch. It’s impressive cruise and climb speeds—as well as extraordinary runway performance—make it an agile and maneuverable choice among midsize private jets. At the same time, passengers flying charter on a Hawker 800XP will enjoy a spacious cabin with all the amenities for a luxurious flight experience.


In the late 1990s, jet manufacturers dreamed up the super-midsize as a new category of corporate aircraft. The Challenger 300 exemplifies the category’s goals to present the large-cabin comfort of a heavy jet with cost-efficiency more in line with midsize private jets. 

No cabin in the super-mid category can compare with the roomy comfort of the Challenger 300. In addition to rare stand-up headroom, this popular corporate jet features 20% more range, 39% more cabin space, and more access to short runway airports than any other private charter aircraft in its class.


The XLS enjoys a reputation as one of the best-selling private aircraft of all time. Passengers appreciate the ability to fly in and out of smaller airports without sacrificing the comfort of a midsize jet. It cleverly combined favorite features from the Citation II (design roots), III (fuselage), V (cruciform tail), V Ultra (supercritical wing, airfoil, horizontal stabilizer), and X (wide, stand-up cabin) into one cohesive midsize package.

Cessna calls the XLS+ (an enhanced version) “the best-selling model of the best-selling brand.” This popular midsize jet combines a transcontinental range with excellent fuel efficiency and luxurious leather seating. You’ll reach cruising altitude in only 15 minutes and fly from New York to New Mexico at a cool 507 mph with performance statistics that you’d normally expect from flying charter on a light jet.

5. LEARJET 60 & 60XR

The Learjet 60 was designed to be a quick-climbing jet that cruises at high levels and fast speeds. Even with a slightly shorter cabin than the 75, the 60 features better headroom and more total passenger space. The 5.7 feet of headroom in the trenched center aisle is quite comfortable for a jet of this size. Passengers will also appreciate the longer-range—partially a result of aerodynamic improvements over the older 55 model. 

The XR is a 2013 update with improved electronics and the largest of all Learjet cabins. The Learjet 60XR made cabin improvements but retained the same fuselage. LED lighting and upgraded insulation enhanced the atmosphere and reduced noise from the entry door.

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