Are Private Jets Safe? Learn Why Private Charter Is Taking Off

by Hangar 7 Aviation

Many curious customers ask our team some version of the question: are private jets safe? It’s a common concern for individuals considering chartering a private jet for the first time—and for good reason.  With all of the upheaval in the aviation industry over the last few years, flyers want to know that their health and safety will be fully protected during their journey. We’d like to set the record straight with some facts that should reassure anyone who is hesitant to book a private charter flight.

Are Private Jets Safe?

Yes, flying on a private jet is just as safe as—if not safer than—flying on any other aircraft. Private jets are regulated by the same government agencies that set stringent safety standards for commercial passenger flights. But in many respects, private aircraft are positioned to be even safer than commercial jets and less likely to lead to dangerous accidents.

Why? For starters, private jets are often both newer and better maintained than commercial airliners that service hundreds of people and criss-cross busy airports every single day. The more exclusive nature of a private jet operator also tends to mean that their aircraft are put through more stringent safety and security protocols, since large commercial airlines are simply too busy and crunched for time to implement efforts beyond the minimum standard screenings that will keep them compliant. Finally, many charter jets are individually owned and only used for charter flights when not otherwise in use. These private owners have no desire to replace jets each year due to poor maintenance, and so they set an extremely high bar for safety and upkeep.

Are Private Jets Safe For My Health?

We understand your concern, as the current public health crisis has affected us all. Rest assured, not only are private jets safe for your health, but they’re even safer than commercial flights. Consider that you will be able to avoid crowded public airport terminals and board your private jet through an exclusive Fixed-Base Operator (FBO). Many charter flight operators are even adopting additional health and safety measures, such as disinfecting aircraft and terminals after each flight, to ensure that your journey is as safe as possible.

You’ll skip busy airport security lines and share the cabin with fewer passengers, all while enjoying a travel schedule that’s as flexible as it is reliable, even in a time when commercial flights have frequently been rerouted, delayed, or canceled. Research has also verified that the risk of in-flight transmission of COVID-19 is extremely low. Harvard says the risk is even lower than “other routine activities during the pandemic, such as grocery shopping or eating out,” and the DOD says you’d need to sit for “54 straight hours” on the private jet before you could catch COVID-19 from another passenger.

Will I Have to Go Through Security?

Security through a private charter company will be substantially faster, since you’ll avoid standard TSA lines and crowded public terminals. You’ll get to avoid inconveniences like body scanners, conveyor belts, metal detectors, and removing your belt and shoes. However, passengers are not permitted to walk onto a private jet without any security measures whatsoever.

The charter company will run each passenger’s name through the TSA database for you, in advance, to accelerate boarding, and you will still be required to show a valid ID. Anyone flying internationally will still be subject to passport control and local customs laws. But all told, the security process to fly on a private jet takes only a few minutes.

Safe, Secure, and More Preferred Than Ever

All of these reasons have made private jets more popular in 2021 than ever before. Plenty of travelers are turning to private flights for the first time to take advantage of the convenience and safety provided by this reliable and comfortable mode of transportation. Interested in booking a private jet? Get in touch!


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