Flying For Business or Pleasure? Private Charter is Safe & Easy

by Hangar 7 Aviation

Private jet charter is a safe, simple, and fast alternative to public commercial travel. Many travelers have recently discovered that private flights are not reserved only for millionaires with their own private jets — they’re actually highly accessible to travelers who have in the past preferred first class commercial flights.

Make Flying For Business Trips Simple

Business meetings across the country require enough accommodation in your personal and professional schedules, and the flight should make your trip as simple and seamless as possible. Whereas a commercial flight (even in first class) can involve busy parking lots, long waits in security lines, crowded gates, and frequent flight delays, a private jet charter accelerates and streamlines the process from end-to-end.

  • Private Terminals: You’ll have the freedom to fly in and out of FBO (fixed-base operator) terminals that exclusively handle private fliers in a much less crowded environment. The level of efficiency and convenience you can enjoy with these terminals that are accessed separately from the congested airport center are perfect when you need to stay focused on the purpose of the trip.
  • Fast Security Check-Ins: With private jet charters, you can get cleared quickly (and early) to reach the destination of your business trip promptly, without the wait times or frustration typical of commercial travel security. No need to remove your shoes and belt, no long lines, no problem.
  • Individual Assistance: You’re more than a number when you work with a private charter service like Hangar 7. Take advantage of our 1-on-1 dedicated agents that can service your needs and ensure individuals and small groups flying for business enjoy a smooth trip with flexible accommodations.
  • Rapid Transit: The fastest aircraft in the sky are private jets, depending on the model you select for your chartered flight. Door-to-door travel times are significantly better than on commercial flights. Boarding happens quickly and on schedule, and you may even land closer to your destination at one of the 5,000+ private airports in the U.S. (far more than the 500 commercial options). 

Enjoy Convenient Personal Flights & Family Vacations

Chartered flights are not only for executives and persons flying for business. Thousands of travelers turn to chartered aircraft every year when they need a private, custom transportation that operates on their schedule and accommodates the needs of the whole family. Private charter is ideal when you have an urgent visit to make for an elderly parent, want to pick up a newly purchased pet from a breeder across the country, or want to bring the family down to Mexico for the holidays.

  • Reliable Flights: You’ve been planning this trip for a long time. It’s important that everything works according to plan, especially if the whole family has made room on the calendars for this trip. 
  • A Private Cabin: What better way to transport the family than in a private atmosphere where you can feel free to relax, be yourselves, and avoid exposure or health risks from public flights? The comfort and privacy of a chartered flight makes transportation an enjoyable part of the trip rather than a means to an end. Chat, watch your favorite movies, listen to music, and enjoy a personalized menu with the peace of mind that you won’t disturb public passengers.
  • Shape Your Own Trip: Our agents are experts in personalizing your arrangements and accommodating your family’s unique needs. Bring your pets, travel on at your own preferred times, select the custom amenities your family desires, and enjoy the complete control that you’ll have over your trip.
  • Expand Your Horizons: A private chartered flight opens the door to airports and destinations that are otherwise inaccessible to commercial travelers. In addition to private FBO terminals, you’ll be able to disembark from or land at smaller public airports, private airfields, executive airports, and more.

Hangar 7 Will Get You There

Contact our team of friendly agents today and start arranging the details of work-related or personal flights for yourself or your family. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, Hangar 7 can be counted on to provide you with safety, security, privacy, and convenience in your personalized private charter arrangements.

Take to the Sky Your Way