What Are Today’s Most Popular Private Jets For Flying Charter?

by Hangar 7 Aviation

There are thousands of private aircraft options when it comes to flying charter in 2021. But why settle for whatever you find first? Here are the most popular private jets (and a turboprop plane!) that today’s charter travelers kept at the top of their lists over the past year. These preferred aircraft have all earned their place with a harmonious combination of reliability, availability, efficient pricing, and top-end quality.

Let’s examine the most popular 2021 private jets...

Most Popular Turboprop

  • PILATUS PC-12/45: The PC-12/45 from Pilatus has proven its popularity as the most flown single-engine turboprop in consecutive years. In 2019, this light passenger plane made 244,217 flights, and kept up an impressive performance during the economic disruption of 2020 with another 209,107 flights. Private charter travelers heavily prefer this high-performing and reliable turboprop for cost-efficient, fast, and comfortable short-to-mid-range travel.  However, it’s also incredibly versatile, being utilized for everything from air ambulances to executive transport for up to 8 passengers.

Most Popular Light Jets

  • PHENOM 300 JETIn 2020, the Phenom 300 from Embraer continued its utter dominance among the world’s most popular private jets with nearly 100,000 flights, pacing the rest of the light jet class—just as it had the previous year. In fact, the Phenom 300 has been the most popular light jet in the industry ever since it first took to the skies in 2012. The spacious 17-foot cabin feels larger than a light jet, but it still manages to burn 19% less fuel. Anyone flying charter will enjoy the fastest and longest range among single-pilot business jets in its class.
  • CESSNA CITATION CJ3: The Phenom 300 may have more flights, but the Citation CJ3 always had the vote of legendary designer (and former Cessna CEO) Russ Meyer Jr. He always considered CJ3, which was the third iteration of the CJ design, to be his favorite Citation jet. Cessna has called the CJ3 the “largest, fastest, and most advanced aircraft of its kind,” and with its comfortable stretched cabin, powerful engines, incredible fuel efficiency, and fantastic safety record, we’re inclined to agree. It remains incredibly popular with 44,932 flights in the past year, and is still manufactured by Cessna in its CJ3+ variant. Celebrities, athletes, golfers, and NASCAR driver Kevin Harwick are all big fans of this sleek and cost-efficient jet.

Most Popular Midsize Jets

  • CHALLENGER 300: The widely preferred Challenger 300 series (including the Challenger 350) enjoyed 67,393 flights in 2020, putting it at the front of the pack among midsized and super-midsized private jets.  The Challenger 300 is synonymous with cabin space, combining the large-cabin comfort of a heavy jet with the efficient performance of a mid-sized option.  If you’re flying charter and looking for a mid-tier option, you’ll love the 20% additional range, 39% additional cabin space, and improved access to short runway airports of the Challenger 300, when compared to any other private charter aircraft in its class.
  • DASSAULT FALCON 2000: The versatile Falcon 2000 is the ideal midsize private jet for business trips and small group travel. Even among more recent entries into the category, this classic stands out with legendary reliability and impressively balanced features that propelled it to 15,649 flights in 2020. A strong figure for the pricier midsize category, in which the average hourly rental rate of the Falcon 2000 (just under $5,000) is beyond impressive and sits in the same price range as much smaller jets. More than 550 Falcon 2000 series aircraft remain in service even today, a testament to the longevity and popularity of this exceptionally comfortable and fuel-efficient jet.

Most Popular Large Jets

  • GULFSTREAM G550: Gulfstream boasts not only the most used large private jet in 2020, but also the top super-long-range private jet in the Gulfstream G550 (according to data recently released by Argus TRAQPak). This aircraft bumped Bombardier for the top spot among large jets, as business and leisure travelers made an impressive 32,246 flights on the G550 in the atypical year that was 2020 (as well as 49,534 back in 2019). The large, versatile cabin space offers both forward and aft layouts that will suit any need—business lounge, hotel room, tour bus, or office in the clouds.
  • BOMBARDIER CHALLENGER 604: Bombardier held the record for the most popular private jets within the heavy jet class back in 2019, with 80,313 flights across the models in the Challenger 600 series. While Gulfstream surpassed them over the past year, the 604 is still enormously popular—and for good reason. Variations of this classic model are still heavily deployed for military, business, and private travel around the globe. Among the first business jets to feature a supercritical wing, the Challenger 604 remains one of the best-selling charter aircraft in its class on account of its outstanding track record of reliability, stellar safety record, and a price point that rivals midsize jets. Whether you’re hopping coasts or traveling to an international destination, the Challenger 604 jet can get you to your destination quickly—and in quiet comfort. 

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