Traveling to Los Cabos on a Private Jet? Here’s What You Need to Know.

by Hangar 7 Aviation

A vacation in Los Cabos is a tale of two cities: the vibrant Cabo San Lucas (commonly referred to as “Cabo”) and the more tranquil San José del Cabo—linked by a twenty-mile “resort corridor” of lavish beaches—make up the Los Cabos municipality of Baja California Sur.

There’s no better way to explore these destinations than direct flights to Los Cabos via private jet. Here’s what you’ll need to know to get the most from your trip:

Private Jet Airports in Cabo

The majority of direct flights to Los Cabos arrive at Los Cabos International Airport, but there are two airports nestled in the region. Both are conveniently located within a half-hour of each other, so you can choose the one that makes the most sense for your charter arrangements.

  • Cabo San Lucas International Airport (CSL): Only 4.5 miles northwest of Cabo San Lucas, this is the closest airport to Cabo’s vibrant nightlife. It’s a smaller international aerodrome, but the runway was recently lengthened to 7,000 feet so that you can charter a private jet of nearly any size and land there with no trouble.
  • Los Cabos International Airport (SJD): This mid-sized international hub is located just 8 miles north of San José del Cabo (and only 23 miles from Cabo San Lucas). The busier of the two options, this airport serves most commercial and private aircraft traveling to Los Cabos.
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The Best Things To Do in Cabo

Cabo truly has something for everyone. The adventurous may enjoy surfing, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving year-round at the area’s many beaches. Many also explore the scenery on dry land via rented ATVs or jeeps. Others enjoy golfing at top rated golf courses or charter fishing (its water is legendary) and whale watching. From organic farms and family-run restaurants to fine dining with to-die-for views, great food and lively entertainment abound. Complimentary tequila shots and tequila tastings are plentiful. 

Those traveling to Cabo San Lucas will enjoy a rich nightlife, bustling restaurants, and spirited beaches. A charter flight to San José del Cabo positions you for a more relaxed escape with fine dining and sunbathing on the city’s serene coast. The coastline between the cities boasts numerous luxury resorts. Cabo has also perfected the art of the all-inclusive hotel with high-end dining, excellent service and restaurants serving up some of the best local seafood dishes in the region.

Here are three highlights that are not to be missed:

  • Shopping in Cabo San Lucas: The mosaic floors and waterfalls of the Puerto Paraiso are the perfect backdrop for the casino, movies, restaurants, and fashion boutiques at this renowned shopping mall.
  • Estero San José Del Cabo: Hike the trails around the tropical estuary of this nature reserve filled with fascinating birdlife.
  • Tequila Cove Beach: Halfway between the two Cabos, this beach offers safe swimming in a protected cove with jet skis rentals, horseback riding, and a nearby Hilton golf resort. 

The Best Restaurants in Cabo

Traveling to Los Cabos is not only popular for the beach resorts, but also for its famous restaurant circuit. Try these venues for a memorable meal:

  • Sunset Monalisa: The unparalleled beauty of this Meditteranean restaurant’s stone terraces overlooking the shore makes it an exceptional dining destination.
  • JM Italian Steakhouse: The venue’s unreal five-star rating on Google is a testament to the quality on display here; there’s a reason it’s considered the best steakhouse in Cabo San Lucas! 
  • La Lupita Taco & Mezcal: Chris Sands of 10BEST calls this “the best taquería in Los Cabos and a fixture of the San José del Cabo dining scene.” Head here for authentic Mexican cuisine.
  • Flora Farms: A 25 acre organic working farm in the foothills of Sierra de la Laguna Mountains in San Jose del Cabo. Flora’s Field Kitchen restaurant serves handmade and world recognized food with ingredients sourced from their farm. 
  • Edith’s Restaurante: Located just steps away from Medano Beach, Edith’s has been a fine dining fixture for over two decades. The mesquite grills and upscale Mexican ambiance are prime attractions. Prepared table side, their caesar salad, bananas foster and flaming Mexican coffee are highly recommended.

The Best Time For Traveling to Los Cabos

Depending on the time of year, attractions could include the mid-March Fiesta de San José del Cabo (11 days of parades, food, music, and fireworks), Sabor a Cabo (a citywide culinary festival in December), or the thrilling Baja area whale watching season that runs from December to April. The annual boat and marine show in April thrills maritime enthusiasts.

It’s May and June, however, that may be the best time for your private flight. Los Cabos is most crowded in winter (high season is November through January), and summer storms won’t arrive until July. However, the most affordable month to travel to Los Cabos on a private jet is often January, when most are returning home. The weather remains fairly consistent in temperature year-round.


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