Winter Wanderings: Our Top 3 Winter Travel Destinations

by Hangar 7 Aviation

When the temperatures start to drop, and those chilly winds begin to blow, you know it can only mean one thing - winter is coming. And whether you're trying to beat those cold-weather blues or just looking to relax and recharge, a winter getaway may be just what you need. A private jet charter from Hangar 7 Aviation can easily take you anywhere but where should you go? Let's take a look at three of our favorite winter travel destinations highlighting a few things to do.

1. St. Petersburg, Florida

Where better to start than the snowbird capital of the United States- - Florida!  St. Petersburg (nicknamed the Sunshine City for its top-notch weather) is in Pinellas County, across the bay from the city of Tampa and just miles from the Gulf of Mexico. With highs in the 70s and lows rarely dropping below the mid-50s, it's a welcome winter escape for those who hail from cold and snowy climates.

Visitors can enjoy miles of beaches stretching from St. Pete Beach up to nearby Clearwater, world-renowned for their pure white, sugary-soft sand, and luxury hotels and vacation rentals. Naturally, the area is extremely popular with those who love to golf, boat, fish, and sunbathe, and their numerous waterfront parks and nature preserves can be enjoyed year-round due to the mild weather. 

But there's plenty to do indoors, too. The city is home to numerous museums, including The Salvador Dali Museum, the Chihuly Collection, the Imagine Museum, the James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art, and the Florida Holocaust Museum. Each provides a unique, educational, and interesting way for visitors to enrich themselves. Most are conveniently located within a few blocks of one another downtown, which is also home to a wide variety of wonderful high-end restaurants.

2. Tucson, Arizona

Those who prefer a drier or Westcoast-friendly destination may want to explore Tucson, Arizona, another one of our best winter travel destinations. Set in the Sonoran desert of southern Arizona, temperatures typically stay in the mid-50s to high 60s all winter long.

Tucson is an excellent choice for those who love hiking, biking, birdwatching, and other outdoor pursuits. The city is set between the two halves of Saguaro National Park, a massive swath of natural land dedicated to preserving the park's iconic namesake cactus. In addition, numerous state parks and other areas provide nearly limitless exploration opportunities.

But like St. Pete, it's also home to a thriving local art scene, with many museums and galleries, some connected to the University of Arizona campus. Tucson also prides itself on a unique food culture that offers top-tier dining experiences, funky local cuisine not found anywhere else, and everything in between. The Phoenix metro area is also less than two hours away, putting the many attractions and amenities within reach for day trips.

3. Park City, Utah

Not everyone thinks of warm weather when it comes to winter travel destinations. Park City, Utah, is one of the undoubtedly best choices for travelers who like a little fun in the snow on their getaway. And this small north Utah mountain town just an hour east of Salt Lake City gets plenty of it - between three-and-a-half and five feet per month each winter, on average. This helps make it one of the country's best spots to ski and snowboard (Park City hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics). With chairlifts and slopes ending throughout downtown, visitors can almost literally ski to their front doors!  

Perhaps you don’t want to be so close to the snow. No worries there. There are plenty of options! Park City has an abundance of art and film festivals and is famous for hosting the annual Sundance Film Festival where visiting celebrities are sure to be seen. World-class resorts include Deer Valley and Park City Mountain. During the year, one can also enjoy the many bike and hiking trails, ATVs, state parks, fly-fishing, spas, and hot springs! Strolling Park Avenue downtown provides the chance to shop at some of the world's top brands mixed with unique local art and other small businesses. Even the most reluctant shoppers will find hours' worth of entertainment checking out these great stores, interspersed with dining options and bars. Many condos are located just a block or two off this main area for convenience, while more spacious rental homes can be found both in and out of town. There is something for everyone in this premier mountain resort town.

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