The Top 10 Most Talked About Private Jet Amenities

by Hangar 7 Aviation

Amenities on a commercial jet can be limited and inflexible. The specifics will vary by airline, but the truth is that—even if you’re flying first-class—commercial flight amenities must cater to broad tastes among many passengers. Private jet amenities, on the other hand, will cater directly to you.

The Ten Most Popular Private Jet Amenities

We’re no strangers to personalized flights at Hangar 7 Aviation. Our agents are experts in customizing your flight experience and accommodating your unique needs. Travelers who work with charter flight companies can expect to enjoy personalized private jet amenities like these.

1. A Flexible Schedule

Travel on your own time, day or night. Even last-minute changes, delays, or rescheduling for an earlier time can be possible. Business travelers can coordinate precisely with meeting schedules. For leisure travel, you’ll be able to arrange a comfortable check-in time at your resort.

2. A Custom Menu

Private flights have the freedom to arrange outstanding, customized in-flight meals. Coordinate menu items ahead of time to meet dietary needs and personal preferences, or enjoy the options that are stocked in a full-service galley. We can even arrange for a personal chef for an even more curated private jet experience.  

3. Business Meetings in the Sky

Wi-fi and business technology integrations are available on most private chartered flights. Traveling for business? Bring your boardroom with you. There are even private jets that come equipped with full conference rooms, satellite phones, built-in video systems, and other meeting technologies.

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4. Dedicated Flight Attendants

Few private jet amenities make as much difference as complete access to experienced and dedicated flight attendants. Don’t worry about sharing your staff with the rest of the cabin—on a private flight, every passenger can enjoy prompt assistance from one or more friendly personal attendants.

5. Private Terminals

No standing in crowded lines for security screenings at a commercial airport. The private jet amenity  that chartered travelers enjoy most is a Fixed-Base Operator (FBO). This provides you with access to a private terminal with the safety and security you need along with the efficiency and convenience of a more exclusive location.

6. Comfortable Lounging

Private aircraft often designate areas of the cabin for lounging, relaxation, and entertainment. For example, the standard Gulfstream G650 includes a widescreen TV and divan. You will be able to enjoy more spacious and more comfortable seating than commercial flights.

7. Expanded Destinations

Charter flight companies open up thousands of airport options that are inaccessible to large commercial jets. This includes not only the private FBO terminals mentioned above, but executive airports, private airfields, and smaller public airports with runways too short to accommodate commercial airliners. This freedom can minimize  the transit between the airport and your final destination—or open up entirely new destinations!

8. Personalized Entertainment

On a private aircraft, your party has the option to play whatever music, news, sports, or movies they prefer without headphones (and without disrupting commercial co-passengers). Want to hear Eric Clapton or watch your home team play throughout the flight? Have at it.

9. Full-Sized Restroom Amenities

The restrooms on commercial flights are notoriously claustrophobic. Private jet amenities have more room for comfort. You can even charter a private jet that’s outfitted with a working shower, should you need it.

10. Generous Sleeping Space

Private jet capacity limits are calibrated for sleeping space on the flight. Need an overnight red-eye to the opposite coast? Enjoy luxurious reclining seating engineered specifically to allow relaxation and restful sleep. Mid-sized and larger private aircraft may even offer beds (or bedrooms) for the ultimate in-flight sleeping experience.

Searching for charter flight companies with access to aircraft with all of these convenient private jet features? Look no further than Hangar 7 Aviation. Contact one of our agents today to discuss your trip, and we’ll help you find the flight with private jet amenities suited just for you! Our friendly team is ready to accommodate your travel plans year-round with efficient service.


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