Top 3 Fall Travel Destinations

by Hangar 7 Aviation

For domestic travelers looking for the perfect fall vacation spot, we’ve curated a list of the top three fall travel destinations that you should hit before the season ends.


Portland, Maine

New England is famed for its cute coastal towns and beautiful fall foliage. Portland, Maine delivers on that reputation—and offers much more. That’s why it’s the perfect fall travel destination for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy the changing of the leaves and the crisp autumn air.

You can experience historical New England when you walk down the Old Port waterfront, where old warehouses that have since been converted into trendy bars, restaurants, and shops are set beside working fishing wharves. The nearby residential district boasts stunning Victorian architecture, well-preserved by the town’s residents throughout the generations.

This beach town has more than sand and sea to offer. In Portland, you have the opportunity to experience a variety of stunning natural views. The Western Promenade, a local park seated atop a bluff, offers an incredible scenic experience with views of the river and the mountains. And if New England nature views aren’t enough to win you over, perhaps you’ll be swayed by the town’s robust brewery scene. Did you know that Portland has the most breweries per capita of any town in the US?

Fall is the perfect season to explore this underrated travel destination with beautiful nature views, historic architecture, trendy food and drink, and that classic New England charm.


Flagstaff, Arizona

Late fall is the ideal time to visit the often overlooked skiing destination of Flagstaff, Arizona. Don’t let its Southwestern location throw you off; while some of the area surrounding Flagstaff is desert, it’s also home to ponderosa pine forests and major mountain ranges.

Ski trails open up here in November, giving visitors the opportunity to hit the slopes for a few weeks before the onset of the ski season rush. Flagstaff’s natural beauty offers more than just skiing. Flagstaff is also home to national monuments such as Walnut Canyon, Sunset Crater Volcano, and Wupatki, a Native American archaeological site.

When you visit during the fall, you can balance your ski excursions with trail hikes, zip-lining adventures, and stargazing. The city enforces stargazing-friendly lighting restrictions that helped it earn its status as the first International Dark Sky City and make it an ideal home for the Lowell Observatory.

Flagstaff offers the perfect blend of nature and culture, which is how it earned its spot as one of our top fall travel destinations.


Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a city best enjoyed during the fall, once the stickiness and humidity of the summer months have faded and before the gray of winter sets in. This coastal southern haven is home to a variety of fairs and festivals during this time of year, including the Moja Arts Festival, the Boone Hall Pumpkin Patch, the local Harvest Festival, and many other events.

Charleston embraces tourism and has a substantial number of offerings geared toward fall travelers such as yourself. See the changing leaves from a new view with a boat ride harbor tour, soak up the city’s history with a carriage tour, and experience local cuisine through food tours that expose you to restaurants catering to every niche, from the historical to the undiscovered.

As a larger city than the other destinations on this list, this top travel destination offers a higher level of luxury with its opulent hotels, various local spas, and fine dining hotspots. For the traveler looking for comfort and luxury, Charleston is the ideal fall travel destination.


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